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MRC Gıda is a company established to provide service in café, restaurant, hotel and franchise systems throughout the country, committed to customer satisfaction and quality with its coffee based innovational, dynamic, solution oriented, difference making setup

that offers its services to its esteemed customers at optimum costs. Our company is committed to offer you solutions for coffee as well as for other beverages with its expert staff. Our program provides support for perfect product presentation, pricing policies, forming a professional team, concept, technical setup and equipment and puts knowledge into practice. What’s more, our company is an expert in designing special programs that shall meet changing requirements of our customers.

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  • History of Coffee

    Right after discovery of coffee, coffeehouses started popping up at every city of Middle East. In a short while the coffee beans made its way to Europe and its reputation spread across the globe. By end of 17th century coffeehouses focused their commercial activities on Austria, France, Germany, Netherlands and United Kingdom. The Dutch managed to cultivate coffee beans in Far East. England and France followed the trend and presented coffee to colonies. In 18th century missioners, merchants and colonialists brought coffee to Central and South America. The natural environment there proved to be ideal and coffee cultivation increased dramatically. By the end of 18th century coffee became one of the foremost export products of the world, especially in developing countries. Today coffee is one of the largest commercial raw material of the world following petrol. Coffee can mean a break, relaxing and expressing ourselves, sharing a moment with others…
  • Kopi Luwak

    The coffee called “Kopi Luwak”, 100 grams of which is being sold for 75 Dollars, are produced by picking up the coffee beans excreted by the mammals called Paradoxurus living on Indonesian Islands, which consume fresh coffee berries. The researches revealed that there are much less amount of bacteria in Kopi Luwak compared to other types of coffees. Paradoxurus, the sarcophagous mammal living in Sumatra and surrounding islands are being fed with best quality coffee berries by coffee producers. The beans are kind of fermented with the enzymes in the stomach of the mammal but do not dissolve. These beans then are excreted and the coffee producers pick them up and produce the most expensive coffee of the world. The experts state that the most important factor that increased the quality of this coffee are the enzymes in the stomach of Paradoxurus.